Roll On

I had lunch with Leftwing Idiot and Sophie in the park today. We sat on a small hill and enjoyed a long-awaited glimpse of sunshine. During lunch I started having a ticcing fit and it turned out to be quite a long one. While it was happening I became aware of a looming presence behind Leftwing Idiot. I could see his shoes but nothing else.

Leftwing Idiot had noticed him too and reassured the man we were fine and didn’t need any help. But he insisted that he could help, by praying for me. Leftwing Idiot thanked him politely but asked him to leave us until the fit had ended because I couldn’t say if I wanted to be prayed for or not.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted again that prayer would help. Leftwing Idiot again asked him to leave, this time more firmly, but the man just stood there. I could hear the increasing tone of annoyance in Leftwing Idiot’s voice as he asked him once more to give us some space and eventually the man moved away.

I was relieved but the fit hadn’t stopped and it went on for a good while longer. As it started to come to an end I sat up, but I was still wobbling about haphazardly. Leftwing Idiot insisted I wasn’t ready and made me lie back down.

Shortly afterwards he tried an alternative approach by playfully rolling me down the hill.

This didn’t cure the fit but it did make me crease with laughter.

I was still giggling as the fit ended and Leftwing Idiot and Sophie picked grass out of my hair before we all went back to work.

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