I have a lovely new carer, Florence, who’s been helping me at home for the last couple of weeks. She’s calm, kind and most importantly for a carer, she actually cares.

Florence has helped me out a few times when I’ve been having a ‘ticcing fit’ but hadn’t encountered what my friends call the lying zone before today.

There’s normally a point during a fit when I get my speech back before the fit’s fully finished. I often take this opportunity to assure whoever’s looking after me that I’m fine when I’m clearly not. I probably do this because I’m just desperate for the fit to finish.

This afternoon Florence and Leftwing Idiot were helping me through a ‘fit’ – I told them I was fine so Florence started to let go of me. Leftwing Idiot smiled and explained that I often say I’m fine when I’m not. She seemed surprised by this and listened carefully to what he was saying. The ‘fit’ finished soon after and Leftwing Idiot went home.

When it was time for Florence to leave there was nobody to take over my care immediately. I said it was OK because Leftwing Idiot was only a minute away and that I’d call him if I needed help. I could see Florence was a little anxious about this so I asked if she’d like to speak to Leftwing Idiot about it, which she did.

I passed over the phone and heard him confirm that this would be fine. He reassured her that except during ‘ticcing fits’ I’m generally pretty honest.

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