“My Brain’s Gone to Bonnie Scotland”

My brain may be in Scotland but the rest of me hasn’t got there yet. But it will soon.

In a few hours Ruth, Claire and I will leave work, converge on Victoria Station, get on a train to Gatwick Airport and get test the accessibility of a well-known low budget airline.

We’re off Glasgow to visit the Scottish Tourettes crew. Tonight we’ll be staying with my friend Pauline and her daughter Aimee who has Tourettes. Tomorrow we’ll be off to Galashiels to meet up with a big group of friends, old and new. It’s likely to get pretty noisy and surreal, because of all the people and their tics.

I’m already excited and can’t wait to get going. While I did some last minute packing, my tics got ready for the journey too:

“Don’t worry, I haven’t got a bomb.”
“Ruth’s got the bomb.”
“Who can fly a plane…..into a building”
“Terry Waite packed my bags.”
“Abu Hamza packed my bags.”

Hopefully, airport security will be with familiar with Tourettes already and have a good sense of humour. If not, it might take us a very long time to get to Scotland.

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