“It’s Take Your Wheelchair to Work Day”

I’ve been working all day running activities at a fun day for children, young people and their families at a local school. The event was organised to showcase what’s available in the area for disabled children and their families.

I don’t often take my wheelchair to work because normally I tend to be moving about in a small, familiar space. I did take it today though because of what I was going to be doing and it gave me a lot more independence than I’d anticipated.

My wheelchair’s quite tricky for me to propel by myself because it’s been made extra stable so I don’t tip it over. But even so I was able to move around our table and help kids more easily than I would have otherwise. At one point I got a little too adventurous and found myself speeding down a slope on my own, but fortunately a low fence interrupted my journey before I’d built up too much momentum.

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