Fitting in a Sunset

I’ve taken a few days off work to join Leftwing Idiot and our friend Nez on a trip to a part of Wiltshire that’s jam-packed with ancient and mythic places. There are white horses carved into the chalky hills, hundreds of burial mounds rising up out of the fields, and at Avebury the largest stone circle in Europe.

At the end of last year Leftwing Idiot and Nez made a film about travelling down the St Michael ley-line. They visited many legendary places and talked to a people they met about Britain’s folklore. This time we’re going back Avebury not to do any filming but because Nez and Leftwing Idiot want to be there for the Spring Equinox tomorrow.

Earlier this afternoon Nez arrived at the castle in his van which will be our home for the next couple of days. We quickly packed it up and headed off. It’s been a beautiful sunny day and I felt very calm as we rolled out of the city with a gentle breeze coming in through the window. We were cruising along the motorway as the sun was setting – it filled the entire windscreen with a spectacular light. I was having a ‘ticcing fit’ so my sideways view was slightly unconventional, but it was beautiful all the same. As dusk settled I felt safe, relaxed and happy.

It’s properly dark now – the sky’s clear and all the stars are ‘cartoon stars’. We’ve stopped for the night at the Barge Inn, a lovely pub Nez and Leftwing Idiot have visited before, well known to crop circle folk. It’s offseason and pretty quiet but they’ve kindly let us park up overnight. We’re just getting set up for sleeping and Nez has transformed the table and seating into a bed. I’m looking forward to the warmth of my sleeping bag and to an adventure over the next few days.

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