Yes and No

This evening I ticced a tricky question, “If you had four words for the rest of your life, what would they be?” and I went on to answer my own question with a series of unusual choices:

“Teapot, Sex, Apricot, Lego.”

“Teenager, Happies, Brian, Dog’s foot.”

“Yes, No, Bears, Biscuits”

The last of these is probably the most likely and most useful selection, especially “Yes” and “No.”

My ‘ticcing fits’ over the past few months have made me really appreciate the power of “Yes” and “No.” When I lose my speech and can’t say any words at all, one blink, or one knock for “Yes”, or two for “No” becomes the only way I can communicate.

I’m not sure how usefulness ‘biscuits’ and ‘bears’ would be in the long run though.

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  1. Lauriepink says:

    Your tic got sloppy there – dog’s foot as one word? Tut tut.

    I am now pleasing myself with the thought "One knock for Brian, two for dogsfoot."

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