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“It’s Take Your Wheelchair to Work Day”

I’ve been working all day running activities at a fun day for children, young people and their families at a local school. The event was organised to showcase what’s available in the area for disabled children and their families.

I … read more

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Fat Sister’s New, New Job

Fat Sister’s a hospital doctor and at this stage in her career she has little control over where she works. In August she was due to start a new job, which would’ve involved her living outside of London most of … read more

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A Message for Duck

I phoned Laura earlier but she didn’t pick up so I left a voicemail. So far so normal, but my attempts to leave voice messages often descend into chaos and this evening’s message was completely crazy. I kept ticcing about … read more

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Lard Cakes

Fat Sister got her tic name a long time ago, when she was on a diet. Leftwing Idiot thought it would be funny to say ‘Fat Sister’ to me over and over until it became a tic.

This particular bit … read more

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Another Sticky Night

Tonight I went to a Club Attitude event with Bunny and our friends Mic and Sophie. The event was organised by Attitude is Everything, an organisation that makes it easier for disabled people to enjoy to live music. It was … read more

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Sandwich Bag Motherfucker!

Yesterday I wrote about my new hip-hop arm tic. The ‘gansta’ theme continued today thanks to a new set of vocal tics. If you want to know what I mean, just add motherfucker to the following:

“Sand dunes!”
“Sandwich … read more

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Ridin’ Dirty

Annoyingly, the arm tics I mentioned the other day have carried on. In particular I’m making a movement that involves extending my arm straight in front of me and making a circular gesture. This has been causing problems with eating, … read more

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Introducing Pierce

My friend Pierce has written an amazing guest post, which explains his tics and what we got up to today:

My name is Pierce, I am 11 years old. The doctor told me I had Tourettes in 2008 but I … read more

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Sudden Shift

A while ago I made a recording of a short sentence I was trying to say during a ticcing fit and the tics were so intrusive it took me six minutes to get my words out. This evening I’ve … read more

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Laura came and picked me up after work in her car. We headed off to get some dinner with baby Ruby asleep in the back and me sitting next to Laura in the front. I’m not a perfect passenger because … read more

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