Another Sticky Night

Tonight I went to a Club Attitude event with Bunny and our friends Mic and Sophie. The event was organised by Attitude is Everything, an organisation that makes it easier for disabled people to enjoy to live music. It was a night of great bands in an amazing super-accessible venue.

Irritatingly, I’d forgotten to bring out a SNB, so Bunny attempted to fashion a splashguard for my ginger beer using a plastic cup. The idea was that the upturned cup over the top of the can would stop me getting too sticky.

It wasn’t the most successful invention. What neither Bunny nor I had anticipated was the impact of physics. The cup created an air chamber between it and the can so when I pushed the cup into place, ginger beer shot out of the straw, spraying all over the place in a sticky fountain.

Bunny and I were quickly covered in it so we went to wash it off. As I knelt by the sink in the accessible toilet I reached out and pressed the soap dispenser a couple of times. I was aiming to get the soap onto my hands, but both times it shot out at an unexpected angle and landed on my tits. It made me laugh when I saw that I had two big dollops of soap on my front, one for each nipple.

Not for the first time Bunny and I were both hysterical with laughter.

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