Exciting Endings

I wrote a couple of Sundays ago about increasing my efforts to prevent myself and my tics overreacting. So far this is going well, and although it’s not easy I’m doing much better at staying in control when I’m upset.

But there’s a dilemma about what my friends call ‘good overreacting’. This is when I overreact because I’m excited or happy, rather than because I’m angry or upset. It often looks and feels the same and while I’m not sure any overreacting is particularly good, because the ‘good’ sort stems from a positive emotion it’s a lot less distressing.

This evening I overreacted in a big way while watching the final Harry Potter film with Poppy, Fat Sister and King Russell. Before it’d even started Fat Sister said, ‘Watching PG films with you is a dangerous business.’ Towards the end I proved her right – I was thrashing about so much that I made the disc skip.

Some people buy expensive TVs or wear strange glasses to get a 3D effect. Watching films with Tourettes offers a unique 5D experience. As well as the usual ones – sound, vision and depth – Tourettes turned the final battle in the film into the ultimate interactive experience. Poppy, Fat Sister and King Russell seemed to enjoy its added dimensions: imminent unpredictable peril plus the opportunity to participate in the action and pin me to the floor.

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