Automatically Irritated

I had a letter this morning telling me off for not having a TV licence. The thing is, I do have one so I called the number on the letter to let them know. This led to a very frustrating experience.

It was an automated service. The robotic voice asked me to make choices and give information by speaking to it. Tourettes and voice-recognition don’t mix.

The emotionless voice repeatedly apologised for not understanding me. My own voice was full of emotion when I replied, ‘Of course you don’t understand me, I’ve got Tourettes!’

I battled on, desperately hoping that a human would intervene after one last attempt to communicate with the machine.

Eventually it did promise to transfer me to an operator, but after ten minutes of being on hold I gave in and hung up. I’ll try again when someone’s around to help me.

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  1. Catwings says:

    I’m told sometimes you can override these, might be by holding 1 down or something? I prefer to email instead where possible, i suppose that way if they do want to ring back you can at least tell them in advance.

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