Sharing not Staring

Touretteshero is all about sharing the humour and creativity of Tourettes. There’s a lot to share – the thousands of surreal things I’ve said as tics, and the funny, sad, strange and thoughtful conversations I’ve had with friends and strangers arising from them.

A few weeks ago I talked to Emily Cunningham, who writes for the Guardian Weekend Magazine. She’s written up our conversation for their ‘Experience’ column. As I said to her, Tourettes is one of the most misunderstood conditions I can think of. Other people’s reactions can either make it much harder or much easier to live with. That’s why talking about it and helping other people understand is important.

This website aims to share my experience of Tourettes with as many people as possible. Please read the blog, laugh at the tics, admire the art, buy the t-shirt, and if you can, donate. The money we raise will help us put on innovative events for children and young people with Tourettes.

If you see something you like, please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter or share your experience by leaving a comment.

Join me and together we can change the world one tic at a time.

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