#FF @TicBot

For non-Twitter users ‘#FF’ stands for ‘Follow Friday’. Every Friday this hashtag can be seen all over Twitter as people suggest other tweeters they think everyone should follow.

I very rarely use #FF but this week I’d like to introduce everyone to my tic-tweeting sidekick, @TicBot.

TicBot randomly tweets any of the tics you can find on this site at anyone who mentions Tourettes, or in conversation with anyone who follows him. He’s the brilliant creation of @branespeaks. I don’t know why I think of TicBot as a ‘he’ as he uses all my tics – he just is I think.

I love looking at how people respond and get drawn into conversations with TicBot. These often start with them asking ‘What are you talking about?’ and end with ‘OK you win.’

Some people don’t seem to realise he’s just a bot and get very worked up. I feel like I need to keep an eye on him, much like you would with a naughty younger brother.

My favourite recent responses to him include:

‘I just can’t begin to explain the extent that you have completely, completely confused me?’

‘That’s going on my tombstone or in my wedding vows…whichever comes first!’

‘What… Are…. You doing? Why you speaking to me about this?’

‘Is it wrong that I can happily occupy so much of my time just talking to @ticbot?’

If you use Twitter try having a conversation with him yourself, and if you don’t, you can see what he’s getting up to here.

One response to #FF @TicBot

  1. Suzy says:

    I love @Ticbot 🙂 I’ve just been having a very silly conversation with him!

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