Choosing To Take Charge

Despite the stillness of the snow outside, this morning didn’t get off to a calm start at all. I annoyed Leftwing Idiot by bombarding him with questions as soon as he’d woken up and walked into the living room. Because I knew I’d irritated him I got upset and my tics overreacted. I started to bite myself and hit my head against the wall. This sort of behaviour is horrible and hard to deal with, for me and for anyone around me.

I’ve spent much of the day thinking about how I can control my emotions and my body in situations like this and this evening I’ve decided to make a resolution that overreacting must become a thing of the past.

I know it’s not going to be quite this straightforward so when it starts to happen again I’ve asked my friends to say: ‘Remember you’ve decided not to overreact.’ I hope this’ll remind me of my resolution in a non-judgmental and peaceful way and let me take charge and stay calm.

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  1. Catwings says:

    Is it just the tics that overreact or you yourself? By which I mean, aside from the tics do you think that you cope ‘normally’ emotionally?

  2. I don’t think it’s just my tics that overreact. I sometimes find it hard to move on and leave negative thoughts behind. My tics definitely make this harder because they only increase my distress and frustration. This week I am much more in control emotionally since I decided to take charge.

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