Snow’s falling heavily in London tonight. It started a few hours ago and there’s already a thick covering on the ground. I find snow unbelievably exciting even though it makes getting about much more of a challenge than usual.

It’s late but Poppy and I have just been out to enjoy the magical calm that falling snow brings, to throw snowballs at the lamp-post, and to make a snowsheep. The fresh snow was soft and made a satisfying creak each time I fell on it.

I know the next few days may be tricky and that head-butting the snow will be less fun when it’s brown and sludgy. But for the moment, back indoors and warm, I’m watching excitedly as it continues to come down outside.

I’m about to settle down to sleep and from my bed I can just see the ears of the snowsheep poking up above the windowsill.

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