Yesterday evening I had an unusual conversation with Karl James. In 2001, Karl started the Dialogue Project and since then he’s had lots of interesting conversations with a wide variety of people on all sorts of subjects.

Talking to Karl was very different from the other interviews I’ve done recently because we had time to talk, and listen, to each other. There were no set questions or predictable answers.

One of the gifts Tourettes has given me is the abundance of interesting, challenging, thought-provoking and surreal conversations I have with people. Discussion is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting understanding. Talking with Karl has helped me understand a little more about myself, and hearing our conversation will hopefully help people understand a bit more about Tourettes, its impact and its creative potential.

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  1. Jess – it was a pleasure to interview you. Although as it went on it felt less like an interview and more like a conversation in which we began to think together. I learnt a lot about you and myself from the conversation, both at the time but even more so when I went back and mixed it in order to prepare the podcast. Someone tweeted today that as it went on it became less about Tourettes in some ways and more about being a human. I think that’s right. Your approach to life, your positivity, your humour and your frankness are all good qualities. Human qualities. And as for 14th century birds dangling in front of your eyes… bring it on. Thanks to you and Matt. And power to your sharp elbows.

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