Home Alone

There was a gap this morning between my night support worker leaving and my Access To Work support worker – Bunny – arriving. This meant that for the first time since the 21st October, when my ‘ticcing fits’ started, I was on my own.

Leftwing Idiot lives very close by and he knew there was no-one with me. I’d agreed with him that I’d stay on my bed until Bunny arrived and that if I got into trouble I’d phone him. Much as I love my friends and support workers, it felt exciting to be by myself for a bit.

Shortly before Bunny arrived a fit started. I managed to press the call button on my phone, which I’d set to Leftwing Idiot’s number. He answered immediately and could hear from the noise I was making that I was having a bad time. He hung up and was here in less than two minutes.

Rather than being a failure, this felt like a success. It showed that I was able to be by myself and that I could call for help when I needed it.

Festive Outburst
“In the bleak midwinter, frosty sheep were known for fucking lions.”

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  1. Mrhay says:

    To quote a rubbish film, ‘freeeeeeeeeeedom!’ 🙂

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