“Shake and Vac and Put the Best Bears Back.”

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how – unusually during a ‘ticcing fit’ – I’d had a sudden and sustained burst of vocal tics. Bunny wrote most of them down but she couldn’t catch them all, so I decided that if I had another outburst like that I’d try and record them. Last night it did happen again and as planned, we had a voice recorder at the ready. Here are a few of the top tics:

“Glow worms glow up.”
“Alastair Campbell Apathy Training Centre”
“Catapult your Care Bears over the edge.”
“No dinosaurs died.”
“Give Gordon Brown a BAFTA.”
“Sew up the world’s problems into a quilt for Tony Blair to die under.”

Fit Tics

The recording doesn’t fully capture the ferocity of my movements and the frantic twisting of my body, but Leftwing Idiot and his friend Kev kept me safe by holding on to me.

Festive outburst
“My mum’s joyriding with a Christmas tree.”

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One response to “Shake and Vac and Put the Best Bears Back.”

  1. silentpoet says:

    Based on the movements I could hear in your recording you must have been thrashing about quite a bit. It broke my heart when you ticced that they should let you go that they were hurting you and then you begged them not to let you go. I cannot imagine what it truly is like for you to live with your body betraying you so intensely during moments like this. Through it all though you always have maintained your wonderful sense of humor.

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