Angels in Stockwell

This evening I went into town with Poppy to do some Christmas shopping. I haven’t been using public transport much recently as my ‘ticcing fits’ are hard to manage in busy places. However, the cost of cabs has been mounting, and as we were near Stockwell station we decided to travel by tube. Just as we got through the ticket barrier I started to fit.

I’ve had some shoddy treatment on The Underground in the past, in particular at Angel station, but the staff at Stockwell couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding. They took us both behind the scenes to a safer, more private place and offered to help. But when Poppy told them we were fine and that we had an emergency plan, they let her get on with caring for me.

There are a couple of reasons which might help explain why I got such a positive reaction from the Stockwell staff, other than that they were just better informed. The first was that Poppy was with me and could explain what was happening, without ticcing. The second was that I was horizontal and clearly in need of help.

Since the ‘ticcing fits’ started I’ve noticed how much friendlier and more concerned people are when I’m on the floor having a bad time, than they are when I’m vertical asking for help.

Leftwing Idiot suggested we should create a Guidebook of Area Friendliness based on how many offers of assistance we get when I have a ticcing fit in different parts of town.

Festive outburst
“Do you think Christmas is a lazy bastard?”

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