The Gowlett’s Arms Around Me

Once a month Leftwing Idiot DJs on a Sunday night at a pub in Peckham, near where we both live. He’s been doing it for years. The pub, The Gowlett Arms, celebrated its eighth birthday last night, with Leftwing Idiot DJing. He was due to do the whole night but I started having a hard time with a succession of ticcing fits one after the other.

We know the staff there well and spoke to them beforehand about my ticcing fits. They’ve always been big supporters of Touretteshero and tonight, true to form, they showed me huge kindness and consideration. The owner took over from Leftwing Idiot on the decks so he could help me, and so we could leave earlier than planned. He also made sure we got home safely.

I’ve been treated very badly in some pubs so I really value The Gowlett as a place to go where I’m always accepted and amongst friends. It’s my favourite place to unwind on a Sunday night. The music’s great – and it does amazing pizzas too.


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