Double Trouble!

A few weeks ago I went to see my friend Laura and her new baby, Ruby. Since that visit we’ve only been able to speak on the phone but now we’ve arranged to meet again, this Saturday for lunch. Fran will be going with me as my personal assistant, so Laura doesn’t have to worry about looking after me as well as Ruby.

When Laura and I talked on the phone earlier this evening I explained how my ticcing fits were affecting Leftwing Idiot’s sleep. It wasn’t just that they were happening sporadically throughout the night but also that he was sleeping more lightly and listening out for them all the time. Laura said that sounded very much like being a new parent. She seemed to think she had the better deal though, and said affectionately “Ruby has a more predictable night-time routine and she’s spilled less stuff over me than you have.”

This made me laugh. We’ve had to put a lot more thought and planning than usual into this meeting, but in many ways this has made it feel more special and I’m really looking forward to it.


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