Changing the World One Tic at a Time…

I haven’t always been a superhero. I was reminded of this earlier when I was looking back through some old emails. I found the first one from Leftwing Idiot where he encouraged me to embrace my Tourettes and approach it creatively. He recognised the positive power of my tics way before I did. In the message he said, ‘You could really make something amazing and funny.’ Today, almost two years later, we’re officially launching this website which I hope does just that.

The site celebrates the humour and surreal nature of my tics. There are more than 3000 of them, and you can browse them, vote on them and create art inspired by them. Most importantly you can enjoy them. I challenge you not to laugh!

For the last two years I’ve been writing a daily blog about my life with Tourettes. It’s the place where I record the positive, funny, upsetting, and strange experiences that come from living with a brain that makes me shout about, “Biscuits” “Bins” and “Carol Vorderman.” Writing’s been a positive force for me and has helped me develop the language and confidence I need to explain my tics to other people. I’m so pleased that now, after nearly two years, I can finally share it all online.

The site doesn’t stop there. You can also buy tic-inspired merchandise featuring amazing images from the Gallery. Any profits from this help fund our creative events for children and young people with Tourettes. We’ll be putting these on, up and down the country, as and when we can.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Tourettes Syndrome itself, the FAQ page might help. And if you have any other questions or comments you can get in touch or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the biggest challenges of Tourettes is the social impact it has. I think it’s one of the most misunderstood conditions on the planet and that can make it much harder to live with than it need be. You can help change this. Touretteshero is about changing the world one tic at a time – it’s about reaching out to people, sharing the funny and surreal bits and at the same time expecting empathy and understanding with the difficult bits. This way we can make some of the biggest social challenges of Tourettes disappear.

Enjoy the site. Tell people about it. And if you’re in Brixton tonight come and join us for the Launch Party.

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  1. salindrome says:

    Hope tonight is as amazing as you are. i’m so sorry i can’t come and party after all but very much there in spirit! XX

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