When ‘Thank-You’s’ Go Bad

Of all my vocal tics, if I could choose just two to lose I would choose “Thank you” and “Sorry.”

This might sound strange but ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’ only come up as tics when I’m having a bad time. They’ve become an automatic reaction to feeling worried or guilty about the help I’m being given or the distress or bother other tics have caused.

These words are important to me and I want to be in control of when I use them, but ticcing them repeatedly not only de-values the words themselves but also the generosity of the help or support I’m being given. It’s also very annoying.

One response to When ‘Thank-You’s’ Go Bad

  1. Bunny says:

    remember when you tic-told me you loved me the other day? that’s quite a funny one also i think. i toned down my instinctive happy response when i realised it was a tic.

    … and then of course you had to non-tic-tell me you loved me because i looked sad!

    long live tourettes-facilitated declarations of love <3

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