Licence to Laugh

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot and I went shopping in town for stuff for my new lair. On the bus home a man in front turned and asked me if I’d been interviewed by Stephen Fry on his programme last week. I said I had, and we had a lovely conversation about the show, this website, Tourettes, and being a superhero. This was one of many amazing, supportive and thoughtful responses to my appearance on the show. If you missed it, it’s on YouTube.

Some people have commented about it online, saying they felt bad or guilty because they’d laughed, but on this website we’re inviting you to laugh at the things I’ve said as tics. This is not the same as laughing at Tourettes or laughing at me. It’s acknowledging that the things I say as tics can be funny, and can lead to bizarre situations and strange reactions.

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  1. bubble says:

    What a shame the BBC have blocked your video – I was looking forward to seeing your interview. I’ll look on the BBC website to see if I can find it.

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