A Helping Hand When I Need It

When I got up to get some water in the early hours this morning I was ticcing a lot and I dropped down in Leftwing Idiot’s kitchen. My body was moving and twisting all over the place and I couldn’t get back up. This has happened before, and when I’m on my own it often takes quite a long time before I can regain control.

But now Poppy and Leftwing Idiot are back from their holiday I’m not on my own. Leftwing Idiot heard the sound of the chairs banging against the table and came to help me back to my room.

Ticcing in the middle of the night has often made me feel very alone, stuck and frightened. It’s been amazing since I came to stay at Leftwing Idiot’s knowing that someone’s always around and listening out for me. But I’m only staying here for a few weeks and when I’m in my new place I won’t have this sort of help. For the moment, though, I’m just appreciating it and the peace of mind it gives me.

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