Stockwell Festival

Today was Stockwell Festival, an annual community event held near where I work. This year the focus was on peace, cohesion and inclusion. Access Events helped make the day truly inclusive by working in partnership with both the projects where I work and with the main Festival, to provide accessible spaces and activities for everyone.

It was an amazing day. Highlights for me were the brilliant performances on the enchanted tree house stage, someone dressed as The Stig taking bookings for go-karting, the interactive bear-hunt story trail, and hanging out in the main marquee listening to music, surrounded by a cardboard mayhem art workshop. I was really pleased that a family who’d got snowed in last December and missed the Touretteshero Party were able to come and join us today.

Access Events did an amazing job organising an exciting and varied programme and publicising the event widely to disabled people and their families. Many of the stewards and performers who helped make the day such a success had disabilities themselves.

The Festival marks the start of a new inclusion project where I work. We’re aiming to make all our sites and activities much more accessible to disabled people. Today was a strong start to this and a celebration of the diversity and creativity of our community.

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