“Keith Duffy’s Allergic To Peanuts”

A few days ago I ticced, “Keith Duffy’s allergic to peanuts”. Keith was a member of 90s boy band, Boyzone. I have no particular interest in Boyzone, or in celebrity gossip, or allergies. I assumed this was just a typical tic, mashing different ideas together with no basis in truth.

When I was adding it to the list of tics this evening, I checked online how to spell Keith’s name and while I was at it I thought I’d have a quick look to see if he was allergic to peanuts.

To my surprise there were a number of articles confirming that he was. This wasn’t recent news, and I don’t remember having ever seen or known anything about it.

There are three options:
1. It’s a complete coincidence
2. I’m magic
3. I’d seen a reference to it in passing at some point and Tourettes decided that was the moment to share this fragment of information from deep in my mind.

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2 responses to “Keith Duffy’s Allergic To Peanuts”

  1. Bunny says:

    I think you’re magic.

  2. Rachowl says:

    I’m with Bunny. After all we have already established you have super powers 😉

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