Making His Parents Proud

My leg tics mean I walk in a way that looks quite unusual and dramatic and I frequently drop to the floor. Surprisingly, very few people who see this ask if I’m OK. I suspect this is because either I don’t look fazed by it or because the screeching noises and jerky movements of my tics put people off approaching.

But none of this put off a boy in the supermarket this afternoon. He was about eleven and out shopping with his family, although they weren’t around when I walked past erratically and dropped down in the aisle.

He didn’t think twice about coming to help me and ask if I was alright. I was in a rush, so I thanked him quickly, but didn’t stop to explain in detail.

I regretted this, and while I was waiting outside for my cab I saw him leave with his parents. I approached them and told them how kind he’d been. It also gave me an opportunity to thank him properly and explain why I’d fallen. His mum and dad were clearly pleased and I was glad I’d taken the time to show my appreciation of the care he’d shown me.

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