Another Sunny Weekend

It looks like another lovely day outside – I’m in the lair doing some organising and packing in preparation for the move in a few weeks. Leftwing Idiot and his dad are coming to help me in a bit.

I keep thinking about going to the river or seeing an exhibition later after we’ve finished, but I would need help to do this. I realised that I’m reluctant to ask people to do this sort of thing with me, either because they already help me a lot or because I feel I need to save asking them for help with the things I have to do. But I don’t want to get stuck inside again like I did a few weeks ago.

I’m realising that if I want to go out and do things I need to be more organised and make arrangements with my friends in advance. The problem is not that I can’t do things but that I haven’t adjusted my thinking while my mobility’s been getting worse.

All these thoughts are irrelevant today because very soon I’ll be out and about with Leftwing Idiot and his dad sorting out stuff for the lair.

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