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Sounds Sensitive

Leftwing Idiot and I dropped in on King Russell and Fat Sister in their new place earlier. We were sitting in the living room and King Russell was constructing some flat pack furniture. I found the noise of the drill … read more

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The Tourettes Song Book

I’ve described before how tics sometimes come out to a particular tune. The last few days have been full of ticced songs that arrive out of the blue. Here’s a selection of lyrics from the latest batch:

To the Blackadder read more

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Stood Up

The volunteer coordinator from a local disability organisation was meant to come and visit me at the lair this afternoon. They run a scheme that links disabled people with volunteers who help with things around the house or out and … read more

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“Careless Talk Costs £1”

Laura and I were chatting on the phone earlier and I was telling her about a flat I’d been to see which was amazing.

TH: I can’t think of any tic which would make it an unsuitable place to live.… read more

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Staying In Bed

I’ve been sleeping on the sofa in the living room for the last couple of months so I don’t have to go up and down stairs on my own at night. In some ways I find it easier to sleep … read more

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“I fucked an armadillo in custard.”… read more

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My Heritage

“I was raised by a biscuit, Elton John and a Norman.”

It’s true.… read more

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Leftwing Idiot’s got a new Adidas top. I’ve become obsessed with pressing the small trefoil logo with my three middle fingers and saying, “Boof.” It’s harmless but strange, like my previous fixation with the safe.

I can make myself … read more

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Staying Strong, Staying In

Part One
It’s a Saturday evening at the beginning of summer. I haven’t got any work commitments and I’m up for going out to see what’s happening in the city.

But instead I’m sitting in the lair on my own, … read more

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It’s Normal

I was at the pub this evening with King Russell, Fat Sister, Harry and Boyfriend Ollie. An elderly man came up to King Russell and said, ‘Is your girl alright, does she need any help?’ I didn’t catch King Russell’s … read more

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