“Walter Segal and the Fairy Farmer”

I’ll be very busy both days this weekend because the organisation I work for is undertaking an ambitious and unusual project. We’re dismantling, moving and re-assembling a bolt-together Walter Segal building which would otherwise would have ended up in landfill. We got started today, helped by a large group of volunteers.

Dropping to the floor constantly is far from ideal when you’re working on a building site. Lots of the jobs involve using sharp tools or lifting heavy stuff so I wasn’t able to help with those.

I was, however, in my element when it came to cataloguing bits of the dismantled building. Every piece that’s taken down is being labelled so we know exactly where it’s supposed to go. I’ve set up a system for storing them in an orderly way – it’s like doing a jigsaw, but instead of finding edge bits, corners or sky, I’m sorting by inside, outside or roof.

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