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Fancy Feast

“Kiwi fried rice.”
“Jack Daniel’s and dogfood.”
“Pear and biscuit tart.”
“Cod liver oil teabags.”… read more

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“Who Turned Off Gravity?”

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll have noticed my despondent mood. I felt worn out and fed up with my leg tics. After I’d written it, I decided to post on the Tourettes Action forum. I’ve responded to other … read more

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“Ninjas Wobble but they Don’t Fall Down”

Leftwing Idiot came round to the lair and Belle, who’s staying with me, cooked an amazing dinner.

Later, I went upstairs with Leftwing Idiot to get something. I’ve hardly been upstairs for weeks and he asked, “While we’re up here … read more

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Taking the Strain

Leftwing Idiot got back from Glastonbury this evening and I went for some food with him, Poppy, and our friend Belle who’s come to stay at the lair for a few days. I haven’t left since Saturday evening so it … read more

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Dangerous Idea of the Week

Earlier I read about some comments made by Conservative MP Philip Davies that were so ridiculous that to start with I didn’t believe they were real. I was wrong. He was being accurately quoted:

“Given some of those people with … read more

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I woke myself up abruptly early this morning when I ticced:

“I’ve wedged a sausage dog in my bum.”… read more

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Child Care

This evening I’ve had three lovely interactions with children and young people being thoughtful, caring and considerate towards me.

At work I talked to a seven-year-old girl who I’d not met before. While we were saying hello and introducing ourselves … read more

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I’ve written recently about how frequently I’m dropping to the floor, and how this is making getting about difficult. Most tics are rapid movements, but what’s unusual about this one is that I’m finding it difficult to get out … read more

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A couple of days ago I mentioned that I’d be on my own for a few days while Leftwing Idiot, Poppy, Fat Sister and King Russell are away. Laura, Harry and Ollie are still nearby and my boss and friend … read more

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Taking it On the Chin

My chest-banging tic is a lot less intense than it was, thanks to the Habit Reversal Therapy exercises I’ve been practicing. I still do it several times a minute, but it’s much easier to manage.

But, when I did it … read more

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