Child Care

This evening I’ve had three lovely interactions with children and young people being thoughtful, caring and considerate towards me.

At work I talked to a seven-year-old girl who I’d not met before. While we were saying hello and introducing ourselves I explained that I have Tourettes. She was clearly interested:

Girl: You must be really special.

TH: We’re all special and different to each other.

Girl: I know, but I wish I were you and said ‘Biscuit’, and ‘Keys’.

TH: You’re the first person that’s ever said that.

(She smiled)

Girl: I like how you move, but I know it’s hard too.

After work a friend of mine and her teenage son who has Down Syndrome gave me a lift back to the lair. When we arrived her son insisted she should help me up the stairs and he wouldn’t get back in the car until I’d waved from the balcony to show I was safe.

Later, as I was coming back from the shops, some of the local children came and had a chat. They’re always thoughtful and tonight we talked about my kneepads and dropping-to-the-floor. The girl who lives in the flat below me said, “I think maybe you should live on the ground floor.” I agreed and all eight of them came up the stairs with me to make sure I was alright.

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