I’ve mentioned the amazing treatment I’ve been having recently at Kings College Hospital. Since I injured my ankle due to a tic, I’ve had help from several different departments there, and the care has been fantastic. This morning I went for an orthotics appointment, arranged by my physiotherapist. The orthotics team make braces and splints for pretty much any part of the body, and they’re going to provide me with supports to help stabilise my walking.

The orthotist was brilliant. He listened attentively as I described the impact of tics on my mobility and asked me what I thought would help. He’s ordered some supports for my ankles and some discreet padding for my knees. The plan is to try these less intrusive options first, but if they don’t work effectively, we can try a more comprehensive leg brace.

The orthotist also wondered if a compression suit would help me. These are used by people with a range of conditions, particularly children with autism or cerebral palsy. He said you need to take loads of measurements to make them, which isn’t always easy, and although he’s used to dealing with wriggly kids, he thought he’d need a strong cup of coffee before trying to measure me.

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