Hag Do Day 1 - Travelling and Tipis

This morning I woke up with the early-morning sun flooding through the window of Leftwing Idiot’s spare room. I felt full of anticipation as I walked back to the lair with him and Poppy.

Lots of our other friends were already there and soon we were all on the road in four cars heading for the hag do in Cornwall. Leftwing Idiot, Poppy and I, were in King Russell’s car. Three further cars were already on the road coming from other parts of the country. As we set off Leftwing Idiot urged King Russell to get a move. It quickly became apparent they were treating the journey as a race.

Some people might consider a five-hour car journey with someone with Tourettes a nightmare, but my travelling companions seemed to feel the opposite and we had a laugh on the journey with my tics making some interesting contributions:

Tourettes MCing to 90s UK garage

“Shall we have a quiet moment for donkeys?”

I Spy (always a challenge with Tourettes)

“I’m just going to sit and stroke a donkey until it says biscuit.”

Tourettes sing-along

Spontaneous horoscopes

“I’m partially an eclipse.”

One-word-at-a-time story

“The beast of Bodmin might be me.”

Tourettes sat nav

We had the most enjoyable and also the quickest journey, so we reached the tipi village first in excellent moods.

The campsite is absolutely stunning, the tipis are spacious and light and I’m excited about the next few days in this gorgeous place with great people.


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