Weaving a Way to Understanding

Earlier on I was working at the nature garden. My job for the afternoon was to help the children finish a den they’ve been making out of willow. Leftwing Idiot was there helping. Most of the children who play regularly at the garden are familiar with me and my Tourettes. They’re often curious about my tics and ask lots of questions, but usually they’re ones I’ve been asked many times before.

One of the children this afternoon was a boy I’d not met before, and while we were weaving the willow we talked about Tourettes. He asked incredibly thoughtful and perceptive questions like, “What’s it like trying to sleep when you tic?” “How do other people react?” and “Why do some tics come out in a particular voice?” Leftwing Idiot was surprised by some of my answers because the boy asked questions which he’d never thought to ask.

This child’s thoughtfulness was not limited to Tourettes and we had a laugh about all sorts of things.

When I’m feeling miserable about Tourettes I try and think about what positive things it brings me. Interesting and insightful conversations always comes top of my list.

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