I went out to dinner tonight with Fat Sister, King Russell and some friends. I often worry when eating in restaurants because my tics sometimes make me spill or drop food.

Tonight I got really messy, but for once it had nothing to do with Tourettes. I was sitting next to our mate Harry and when she was putting some hot sauce on her food from a huge two-litre bottle, the top came off and masses of sauce went all over me.

I stayed impressively calm despite the surprise and Harry helped clean me up but the sauce got everywhere – including on my gloves, as I discovered when I ticced and banged my chest and splattered sauce all over my neck.

We continued with the meal even though I felt really sticky with the sauce soaking right through my clothes. It got worse when I ticced while passing King Russell some chilli oil, splashing it all over myself.

By the time I left the restaurant I was saucy to my skin.

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