Earlier I watched Save the Green Planet with Leftwing Idiot and his mate Nez who’s staying for a few days. I was having a real battle with concentrating because I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t keep still. Many of my tics are accompanied by a strong internal sensation and tonight this was so overwhelming. The film had subtitles and a tic kept making me shut my eyes, I missed big chunks of the story.

As is often the case Leftwing Idiot held onto me to stop me moving about. Despite this, I was still so uncomfortable that I almost gave up and went home – which I’d done a few days before. But this time I persevered and I’m glad I did because, although I missed a lot of the dialogue, I got the gist of the film and enjoyed it.

Later Leftwing Idiot said, “Sometimes I forget, when we’re sitting together and I’m holding you, that you might still be uncomfortable.”

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