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Talk or Tic?

My colleague told me earlier that she’d been really tired the other day and as a result she’d been saying some pretty random stuff. One of the children we work with had said she sounded like me when I do … read more

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Set Up

I was at the pub earlier with a group of friends including a mate who’s been staying with Leftwing Idiot over the weekend – she and her fiancé are both born again Christians. My tics inadvertently set her up for … read more

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I was excited to welcome a big group of friends to the go-karting track where I work this morning. Many of them have Tourettes and we’d never had the chance to meet up and race each other before.

All of … read more

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Tic Magic

It’s half term, and this afternoon at work I was sitting with a group of children making clay sculptures to go in the garden. We were talking about my tics because one of the children was new and hadn’t met … read more

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Biscuit Vs Bis-cuit

Most of my tics sound identical each time I say them but my, “Biscuit” tic is proving an exception, with two very different pronunciations.

Biscuit Vs Bis-cuit

The first is the whole word spoken quickly, with the emphasis on the … read more

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I went out to dinner tonight with Fat Sister, King Russell and some friends. I often worry when eating in restaurants because my tics sometimes make me spill or drop food.

Tonight I got really messy, but for once it … read more

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Earlier I watched Save the Green Planet with Leftwing Idiot and his mate Nez who’s staying for a few days. I was having a real battle with concentrating because I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t keep still. Many of my tics … read more

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♥ # %

Tourettes appears to be experimenting with symbols. Hearts, hashtags and percentages have all featured in recent tics. Here are a handful of symbolic examples:

“I ♥ cum.”


“I’m 40% more biscuity than sheep.”

“I ♥ robot legs.”


“95% … read more

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Food Scare

As we tucked into our meal this evening I ticced, “Hello dinner, I’m going to fuck you up.”

And that’s exactly what I did. Delicious.… read more

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Strange Sounds

I’m not used to hearing unexpected noises in public that don’t come from me. This morning on my way to work I heard a lovely sound being made by a builder working nearby.

He was on some scaffolding, and he … read more

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