Hen Do Part Two

9:00am – Fat Sister and I are heading back to London. While we’re getting ready she tells me that when she woke up this morning I was ticcing in my sleep, saying the usual things but more gently. This makes me laugh because it’s exactly what Leftwing Idiot described a while ago.

11:45am – Rory drops us at the station. I’ve been ticcing “Cheeseburger” a lot while we’ve been here and as we say goodbye, Rory says, “I’m off to get a cheeseburger. I’ve been after one ever since you got here yesterday.”

2:00pm – Signalling problems, and we’ve just been tipped out of our train onto another for the rest of the journey. There are now three trains-worth of passengers on the new one so we’ve had to go into the quiet coach to get a seat. It’s not a quiet coach any more.

Advent Outburst #5
“I’ve got an automatic tenpin bowling Christmas tree machine.”

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