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Here Comes Christmas

I’ve been ticcing about Christmas since July. Back then it was odd, but now it’s seasonally appropriate and shouting, ‘Happy Christmas’ on the train seems less strange. I have an extensive collection of festive tics and I’m going to … read more


Bollocks to You

This evening I asked Leftwing Idiot to pass me a pen. He didn’t think I’d be able to make my hand take it from him safely, and asked me repeatedly, “Are you sure you’re ready to take this?” I said … read more


Midnight Feast with the Police

Leftwing Idiot and I were out all day. On the way home we headed to our local kebab shop to get something to eat. There was a police car outside and we could see two officers were ordering their dinner … read more

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Listening In

I searched for Tourettes on Twitter this evening and found a tweet from yesterday which is clearly about me:

“Best Tourettes encounter ever. In a lift with a girl with a high-pitched voice shouting ‘fuck shit Christmas cheeseburger donkey’.”

Every … read more

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Is It OK?

It’s OK to laugh at the woman shouting as she goes up the escalator at the station because you’re with your mates and you’re sharing a funny moment.

It’s OK, sitting in your car, to laugh at the girl walking … read more

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What I should be writing about is how I’ve spat several times tonight, as a tic. It’s happened a few times before over the last few months, but I’d much rather bury my head in the sand and pretend it … read more

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A couple of weeks ago I said I don’t normally tic nonsense words, but that’s not true now “Squaresy” has arrived. I’m not the only person wondering what a “Squaresy” is – three boys in the supermarket queue were … read more

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I’ve Let The Track Out of the Bag

About a month ago I mentioned that I’d started Christmas shopping and was worried about letting slip what I’d got for people.

With just a month to go I’d been doing really well. But then at lunchtime Leftwing Idiot asked … read more

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I was late meeting a volunteer at work this evening so I didn’t think twice about taking my normal route through the park. But it was very dark and quiet and I felt a bit freaked out, so I called … read more

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Hearing Test

Leftwing Idiot regularly plays reggae in The Gowlett on Sundays and I was there this evening enjoying the music.

In between tunes a man struck up a conversation with him:

Man: Is your friend deaf?
Leftwing Idiot: What?
Man: Is … read more

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