Is It OK?

It’s OK to laugh at the woman shouting as she goes up the escalator at the station because you’re with your mates and you’re sharing a funny moment.

It’s OK, sitting in your car, to laugh at the girl walking strangely as she crosses the road, because you’re bored and you’re never going to see her again.

It’s OK to whisper comments about the jerky woman because she probably can’t hear or understand what you’re saying.

It’s OK to film someone behaving weirdly on the bus because your mates will find it funny later and you want them to like you.

It’s OK to sit quietly and not do anything when fifteen teenagers laugh at someone with a disability, because you’re scared.

It’s OK to stay sitting down in the priority seat when someone who can’t stand properly gets on the bus, because they’re swearing and don’t deserve your help.

You’re not the only one to be thinking like this. Your look, laugh or comment joins millions of others.

But there was one man today whose reaction was different.

It really is OK that you asked me if I had Tourettes. Chatting to you was interesting and made our journey go more quickly. I was happy to answer your questions. Thanks for your empathy.

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