Wriggly Spine

I’ve talked a bit in previous entries about what my tics feel like. The sensation that comes with them is strong but I find it hard to describe. They often make my body contort dramatically. It feels a bit like suddenly being wrenched from the inside. Leftwing Idiot asked me the other day if it hurt. I wouldn’t say they cause pain but to describe it as discomfort doesn’t convey the overwhelming strength of the feeling.

At the moment I’ve got a particularly distressing tic in my back. It comes in sudden bursts with great force, making it impossible for me to keep still.

Sometimes what I feel overwhelms my whole body and feels like someone’s put itching powder in my blood. Other people can hold me to stop me hurting myself but they can’t stop the sensation. Even so, it’s preferable to be held rather than add a black eye to my wriggly spine.

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