Go-go Gadget Gymnastics

Left Wing Idiot, Poppy and I travelled east this evening to Club Philos, a night organised by a friend of ours. We used the new East London Line, which opened this summer. The trains are clean, spacious and perfect for drunk gymnastics.

We watched as the gym facilities were enthusiastically tried out by a rowdy group of men. One at a time they used the hand loops to pull themselves up to attempt a 360˚ somersault. After several failures a new contender stepped up. His mates cheered him on, shouting, “Go, go, go” and I added “Gadget”. His friends liked this and took up the cry. Spurred on by the spirit of a rubbish 80s cartoon detective he managed a full turn, to enthusiastic applause.

They settled their bets and got off at the next stop.

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