The Earth Moved

I’ve spent the day creating a sand and water-play area for one of the projects I work at. This involved digging a hole and then filling it with rubble, using a JCB.

The therapeutic benefits of JCB driving might not be immediately apparent, but I found it surprisingly calming. There are lots of different bits to push and turn but the JCB responded quite slowly so when I ticced it didn’t mess things up or become dangerous.

My colleague, who was working with me, even commented that my digging was, “Very controlled” and that isn’t something I hear said about me often! If you’re keen to try operating a JCB but it’s unlikely to come up in your day-to-day work, you could always visit Diggerland.

It was loads of fun and it’s good to know that although I might not be able to cut up a pineapple I can dig a very big hole.

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