I Am Not a Robot

When Leftwing Idiot and I were on our way home from Jamie’s studio in May, where we’d been recording my tics so they could be made into the Touretteshero Theme, we got chatting to a man on the bus about Tourettes and whether the tics could be turned into music.

Tonight as we were on our way home after a day full of positive meetings about our project, we met him again.

He greeted us enthusiastically and asked how the project was going. He told us about a tune, ‘I Am Not a Robot’, that he’d seen performed on Later with Jules Holland although he couldn’t remember who sang it. I’ve just looked it up and it was Marina & The Diamonds.

He explained that he was telling us about this because when he’d first heard the track performed, he’d thought it should be remixed, and this is exactly what he’d thought about my tics the first time we met on the bus and got talking.

This man seems to turn up at key moments in the life of our project.

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