iPhone on the Edge

Leftwing Idiot and I were hanging out at his flat this evening. The window next to us was open to allow what little breeze there was into the room. I suddenly found myself trying to post my phone out of the window. Leftwing Idiot moved swiftly and took it out of my hand.

Once the immediate risk had been averted he put the phone on the window ledge. It was very distracting for me because I kept thinking about throwing it out. He knew what I was thinking and it made us both laugh. After a few moments he put the phone safely out of reach in a drawer.

A number of friends have said they hate standing at the edge of high buildings or on railway platforms because they start to obsess about jumping. For most people this might just make them feel anxious, but doesn’t mean they’ll end up doing anything dangerous. I’m different only because I sometimes have a problem controlling this urge and end up doing risky things impulsively.

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