A Team Approach

The organisation I work for runs a Go-Kart track, and this morning many of the Touretteshero team came together to give karting a try. Leftwing Idiot and King Russell had been keen to go for a drive and their enthusiasm and competitiveness escalated as soon as they got into their karts. Once King Russell had been declared the fastest by 0.2 seconds we all went for some lunch, followed by a spot of sitting in the park.

I had a fantastic day and enjoyed it even more because I asked for help when I needed it. I often ask Fat Sister, King Russell and Leftwing Idiot for help and they’re happy to hold my hands to stop me hurting myself if I’ve lost control. In the past I’ve found it harder to ask other people for this type of help, but today I was able to. This was brilliant and meant that I didn’t feel reliant on particular individuals.

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