Access To Work

The Essential A to Z

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a big funding bid at work for our inclusion project. In the process I’ve looked at a lot of research by some great organisations and it got me thinking about… read more

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Because I’m Worth It

As well as being a part-time superhero and working one day a week for Touretteshero, for four days a week I work as a project coordinator for a children’s organisation in London. My role covers three main areas:

1) Fundraisingread more

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Access Impossible

On Friday afternoon I sat in our sunny playground and cried. My colleagues were all busy doing their work in the office, but I couldn’t do mine – I was stuck on the phone to the Department of Work and… read more

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Wheelie Happy

I’m going to start with an apology for that dodgy pun, but I think it’s appropriate for a post about the many moments of pure joy I’ve experienced over the last few days, all thanks to my wonderful wheels.

Warmer… read more

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Taxi Driver

Thanks to Access to Work I spend quite a lot of time in minicabs each week getting to and from work. Mobility-wise this has made things much easier for me, but cabs come with their own distinct set of… read more

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Yesterday afternoon my colleague Sylvie, who manages the adventure playground where I work, asked me if I could cover for her briefly while she helped a child. I’m always happy to do this but yesterday I was raring to go.… read more

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Taxi to Kidderminster

Thanks to Access to Work I’m able to take a cab to and from work every day. This is a longstanding, routine part of my working week and it’s usually pretty uneventful.

But this morning was a different story.… read more

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Roll On New Chair

It’s been a tricky few weeks, mainly because I’ve not been well. Today I felt much better and I had some great news that’s cheered me up a lot too.

I’ve had confirmation from Access to Work that… read more

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Sawdust is Exciting - Discuss

For several months at work my colleagues and I have been debating where to put a new swing and finally, a few weeks ago we all agreed on a location in the heart of our adventure playground. Then all we… read more

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The Great Outdoors

A couple of weeks ago I realised with some alarm that I still have twenty days annual leave to use up by the end of March. I’ve been putting it off because when I’m not at work I don’t have… read more

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