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Wheelie Happy

I’m going to start with an apology for that dodgy pun, but I think it’s appropriate for a post about the many moments of pure joy I’ve experienced over the last few days, all thanks to my wonderful wheels.

Warmer… read more

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Taxi Driver

Thanks to Access to Work I spend quite a lot of time in minicabs each week getting to and from work. Mobility-wise this has made things much easier for me, but cabs come with their own distinct set of… read more

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Yesterday afternoon my colleague Sylvie, who manages the adventure playground where I work, asked me if I could cover for her briefly while she helped a child. I’m always happy to do this but yesterday I was raring to go.… read more

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Taxi to Kidderminster

Thanks to Access to Work I’m able to take a cab to and from work every day. This is a longstanding, routine part of my working week and it’s usually pretty uneventful.

But this morning was a different story.… read more

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Roll On New Chair

It’s been a tricky few weeks, mainly because I’ve not been well. Today I felt much better and I had some great news that’s cheered me up a lot too.

I’ve had confirmation from Access to Work that… read more

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Sawdust is Exciting - Discuss

For several months at work my colleagues and I have been debating where to put a new swing and finally, a few weeks ago we all agreed on a location in the heart of our adventure playground. Then all we… read more

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The Great Outdoors

A couple of weeks ago I realised with some alarm that I still have twenty days annual leave to use up by the end of March. I’ve been putting it off because when I’m not at work I don’t have… read more

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Shifting Times

In just under two weeks time Poppy’s moving out of the castle and into a new house with Zoë and two other friends. Not having a flatmate will mean making some adjustments to my routine, and one big change… read more

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Reflections on a Snowy Day

I’m looking out of my bedroom window again, watching the blanket of snow get thicker and thicker as the day goes on. I’ve got a bit of a cold so I haven’t ventured out, but from my warm lookout… read more


Attention Everybody with a Body

I’ve written about the Government’s poorly conceived and callous Welfare Reform Bill many times in the last two years, often saying how scared these policies make me feel. Leftwing Idiot doesn’t like it when I say this – understandably… read more

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