My Sister’s Not My Keeper

Fat Sister, Poppy and I went shopping in Peckham yesterday. We went into Primark and split up a bit as we looked around. When Fat Sister and I had paid for our stuff we went to the front of the … read more

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Fitting In The Bed Department

Will and I were out and about today. We went to a photography exhibition, had a lovely lunch and did a bit of shopping. Will was looking for a new duvet cover so we headed to a large department … read more


Shopping List

I was hanging out with Fat Sister at the castle this afternoon. We were short of some essentials but as I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s frustrating trip to the shop I dictated a quick shopping list for her. … read more

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Frustrated Shopper

I popped into my local shop earlier to get a drink.

It’s a big shop with level access and wide aisles, but despite this when I left I felt frustrated and annoyed.

The aisles would be plenty wide enough for … read more

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Black Friday, White-Knuckles

This year everyone seems to be talking about it being ‘Black Friday’ today, and I don’t remember ever hearing about this before.

For anyone still in the dark, Black Friday’s the day after Thanksgiving in the United States … read more

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Paint It Christmas

I’m sure there’ll be millions of blogs excitedly announcing today that we’re only a month away from Christmas, but I strongly suspect this will be the only post to celebrate by launching a festive greetings card created by the incredible … read more

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Roll Over

I’ve written before about a local art shop that I can only access by going through the goods entrance because of the steps up to the main entrance . Poppy and I went there earlier today and we’re now painfully … read more

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A Dream of Walking Again

This morning I woke from a vivid dream feeling foolish for taking a silly risk. It took me a moment to realise I’d been dreaming and that I wasn’t about to get told off by my friends for dangerous decision-making.… read more

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Letting the Wheelchair Out

At the weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Fran. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to catch up properly because we’ve both been very busy. But on Saturday and Sunday we spent a load … read more

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Awful and Unlawful

I’ve just read an article about Ben Gerrard, a Brighton man with Tourettes who was asked to leave a shop because of his tics. Ben had popped into a hardware shop after work to buy some tools when he was … read more

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