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Today is Global Movie Day, which makes it an appropriate time to share a film made by talented young artist and film maker Anton (AKA Born 2B Different). I’ve known Anton for years and it’s been a joy to see his creative work develop and grow. He’s one of ten young artists who we’ve supported through our Young Artists Development Programme to explore an idea and produce a new creative work. Over to Anton and Born 2B Different Creative Collaborator Deniece for more on this beautiful piece.

“I am autistic, and I see the world through a different lens. Having speech language and communication needs and a learning disability allows me to express myself creatively”. Born 2B Different.

Hi guys,

My short stop motion film shows my love of letters, the different styles words can be created, and the vibrant colours of artwork produced by various street artists – who have inspired me to create my own graffiti ‘tag’, which is also going to be my brand logo.
I view these public spaces as an awesome outdoor art gallery within my local community in South London, especially where I attend school in Stockwell. I am so lucky to have a skate park and a Hall of Fame basketball court nearby.

I started drawing and recording my surroundings at an early age. I received my first Apple device at 4 years old – it was bought to help manage my anxiety in social situations. I found the slideshow of photos on my devices was a great way to showcase what I’d seen and heard to any interested parties – like my mum or learning support assistants – without having to express myself verbally, which can cause me to become overanxious and completely shut down.

I’ve taught myself to produce, direct and edit on various apps such as iMovie, iPhoto, and Stop Motion.

My mum (who is now my creative collaborator!) found a stop motion animation workshop four years ago facilitated by Chocolate Films on Saturdays. Our first session was pixilation – it was so exciting! There was professional media equipment available that I had not used before. The workshop facilitators use a DSLR camera, MacBook, Lightpad, Dragon frame and Final Cut Pro software.

The more I attended the sessions, the more the filmmakers were impressed with what was being created. One of them told me to continue, and that they had to go to university to learn what I was producing at age 11.

Since then, I’ve become a ‘weekend’ student of Chocolate Films and achieved seven AQA Unit Award Scheme Certificates. This includes Introduction to Filmmaking, Creating A Movie Using Dragon Frame Application, Digital Creativity, Animation, and Music & Advanced Film Editing.

Following UK Government guidelines, I was able to continue and complete the course at Battersea Studios during the early part of the coronavirus lockdown. Stop motion really helped me remain focused and calm when I was shielding for 13 months.

A collage of 5 images of Anton, AKA Born2bDifferent, working on his project for the Young Artists Development Programme. Anton is a black teenager wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, an Adidas baseball cap and white headphones over the top. In the images, he’s at different parts of a brightly coloured and heavily graffitied skate park, using his iPad to take pictures and videos of the area. It’s a sunny day. Some shots are wide shots, where you can see buildings in the background, and others are close-ups of Anton next to the colourful walls. In one of them, he is sitting on some steps in the shade and is concentrating on his iPad.

My coursework has been submitted to Oska Bright Film Festival, the world’s biggest Learning Disability film festival, to be considered for shortlisting for a nomination. I am nervous and excited at the same time!

At Lark Hall Centre for Autism, I gained two Art Awards from the Arts Council. One was for completing an animation project alongside my peers about our local silent film hero Charlie Chaplin, which was screened at Ritzy Picturehouse in Lambeth.

On advice from relatives Marlon & Nathan Hope, my mum set up my YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels and Born 2B Different Limited Company. My big brother Ash has always believed that I should be a freelance stop motion animator/graphic designer.

When I grow up, I would like to animate and draw forever and ever and ever!

I hope you enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed making it.
Born 2B Different.*

*Due to communication difficulties this blog was written by Born 2B Different Creative Collaborator Deniece, with full consent and input from the artist, Anton Campbell – aka Born 2B Different.

Thank you to Born 2B Different and Deniece for sharing this exciting creative journey with us. The film is an incredible and moving portrait of a part of London I know well, but it helped me see it in fresh ways. I can’t wait to see what Born 2B Different make next.

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